Hawaii Fi-do documentary

I was hired to direct and edit a documentary on Hawaii Fido, a small non profit organization that is the only certified training center on the island of Oahu in Hawaii for service dogs. I worked on the project with two very talented friends of mine, Adam and Darren Fanton (from Bentlight Digital). If you … View More

UCLA Awards

I produced the videos for the UCLA Awards in 2004 and 2005. This was a great experience. Not only did I interview dynamic subjects ranging from faculty and students, to Ron Sugar and Henry Waxman and assemble the video packages for the award show, I directed the live event both years.

UCLA Hall of Fame

The UCLA Hall of Fame project was the highlight of my undergraduate career. I had made a video making fun of USC as a sophomore that went viral (although that term wasn’t really invented yet-this predates YouTube) and someone at the UCLA Athletic department tracked me down and showed me the newly renovated UCLA Athletics … View More

FAT parody

This was my beginning video class project. It was a pivotal project for me as a storyteller because it was the first time I crafted a story to promote an idea. I knew I wanted to focus on some aspect of the superficial nature of the SoCal lifestyle, but it took me a few drafts … View More