2014 Annual Adobe Education Leader Institute

Leading Creative Learning: Perspectives from the Field – Panel Pip Cleaves, NSW Department of Education and Communities (moderator); Jonathan Blake Huer, Ball State University; Nancy Dick, Lake Washington Institute of Technology; Andy Phelps, Rochester Institute of Technology; and Jeff Larson, Balboa High School. From the official description: “Join this panel discussion on the challenges faced … View More

2014 Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute

I had the extraordinary honor to present to over 500 attendees from 31 countries at the 2014 Apple Distinguished Educator Global Institute. I talked about my book and how low/no cost technology has enabled everyone to publish a book and get his or her ideas out into the world.

My interview on Work That Matters with Shawn Murphy

There’s a lot being said about college graduates and finding meaningful work these days. Change is coming, but it won’t happen in time to help the class of 2014. I hope I’m helping instead of just adding to the noise. You can check out the interview below:  

Mira Award for Tech Educator of the Year

On May 3rd, 2014, I was honored with the Techpoint Mira Award for “Tech Educator of the Year.”    

Author Offers Advice on Landing a Job

I did an interview for “CAM Report” (Career Advancement Management) published by College & Career Press. Enjoy! Jonathan Blake Huer-CAM Report interview

SXSWedu 2014

I was thrilled to present at SXSWedu 2014 on the Digital Corps: A Model for Midwest Student Success. The description from the SXSWedu program: Entering its 6th year, the Ball State University Digital Corps brings west coast startup culture to higher education. We create apps, videos, and other artifacts. But, we see our product as … View More

My “Higher Ed Expert” article on College Express

College Express asked me to answer a few questions for students who are looking to find a great career. Here’s a brief excerpt: How would you advise students best position themselves to be employed when they graduate?There are many job skills that can be acquired in any job, from simply interacting with people to dragging … View More

Great scene from Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon was one of my favorite movies growing up. I recently rediscovered it and realized how much it seems to have influenced my opinions of bureaucracy. I’m lucky to work at a great institution where I can be student focused! I think everyone who’s been a student can relate to Pete and Nora’s experience … View More

My first book: Be Employed When You Graduate

My first book, Be Employed When You Graduate, is now available in paperback, iBook, and Kindle! I wrote the book specifically for undergraduate students like the ones I am fortunate to work with on a daily basis. These are smart, talented, and motivated students who just need to learn how to play the game so … View More

2013 Ball State Commercial

Ball State makes new commercials every other year. For the third series in a row, the school chose to feature a student of mine! If you look closely, you’ll see I have a cameo in 2 of them.  2013 Kayleigh’s Story (on Ball State’s website) 2011 Brody’s Story (on Ball State’s website)   2009 Phylecia’s … View More