Educause Seminar October 25th!

Coming to Educause in Anaheim? I will be leading a pre-conference seminar titled SEM01P-Save Time and Resources: Using Disruptive Technologies in Higher Education, at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, October 25-28 in Anaheim, California on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 12:30PM. Here is the session abstract: The creative economy. The sharing economy. Makerspaces. Digital distribution. The … View More

Worldwide ADE Institute 2016


I have decided that my next book will be titled, “Producing for Educators.” I took the first step by doing a poster presentation at the Worldwide Apple Distinguished Educator Institute 2016 in Berlin, Germany. As usual, I was in awe of my ADE colleagues and honored to be invited to attend the event. Their innovative … View More

BlackBoard World 2016 Presentation


I had the honor of presenting with Michael Berman, Kathy Fernandes, and Jean-Pierre Bayard at BlackBoard World in Las Vegas, NV. The presentation is titled, “Gaining consensus on the future of your LMS: insights and best practices from California State University.” You can watch the presentation here. Abstract: How do you balance the needs of … View More

Special Guest on the Future Trends Forum

Future Trends Forum

I was honored to be the special guest on the Future Trends Forum for June 9th, 2016. The Future Trends Forum hosted by Bryan Alexander addresses the most powerful forces of change in academia. Bryan, the founder of the online blog Future Trends in Technology and Education, began this weekly forum to enliven the discussion … View More

Campus Technology: 9 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2016

I was fortunate to be on a panel with Bryan Alexander, Jack Suess, and Michelle R. Weise to discuss the hottest trends in higher ed tech for 2016. You can check out the entire article here:

“Mobile Trends” in Campus Technology

Top Mobile Trends to Watch in 2016 by Toni Fuhrman “Two visionary IT experts discuss the biggest trends in mobile for the coming year, from 3D touch and virtual reality to wearables and the Internet of Things.” Check it out:

Higher Ed Disruption in Context

New Horizons Featured

It’s an honor being the 2015 Educause Review New Horizon’s Department Editor. I’ve been able to touch on a few things I care about greatly including accessibility, greater collaboration between higher ed and K-12, and active learning. But, I firmly believe we can do better to prepare for the immediate future. Here’s my last article: … View More

SimplifiED Summit as part of Innovation Week

Kivuto 1

I attended the SimplifiED Summit where I spoke on a panel titled, “The Cutting Edge Campus: Technology Integration Strategies for Higher Ed Institutions.” SimplifiED was a fantastic conference which brought together some great minds for a practical and productive conversation in an intimate setting. I am honored to have been invited and plan on attending … View More

Ball State Achievements in the Chronicle

Chronicle Featured

Ball State Achievements is a multi year project designed to increase retention and persistence among a targeted student population. My team was responsible for creating the technology portion of Achievements working closely with numerous others on campus. Check it out!

Campus Technology 2015!

JBH at Campus Tech 2015

Campus Technology 2015 was a busy conference for me. I was honored to be named a Campus Tech July 2015 for a second time as Product Manager of Ball State Achievements. I also did my solo presentation “Book to App: Overcoming the Challenges of Disrupting Yourself” and co-presented alongside Scott Reinke about the Achievements program, … View More