My thoughts and observations

My time with Skoolbo

I realized I’ve been so busy I haven’t posted any of the great photos from my time with Skoolbo! Everywhere from the Philippines to Canada, I had the opportunity to work with an amazing global team of creative, caring, innovative, educators who just want to help young learners learn in fun and effective ways.

The Nebraska Project

I am fortunate to serve as a technical advisor to The Nebraska Project. Every time I get a call from Bill (Frakes), I know I’ve got to be ready for anything. It is always some venture that pushes the boundaries of creativity and technology in innovative ways. His vision and passion is infectious. He often … View More

Great scene from Pete’s Dragon

Pete’s Dragon was one of my favorite movies growing up. I recently rediscovered it and realized how much it seems to have influenced my opinions of bureaucracy. I’m lucky to work at a great institution where I can be student focused! I think everyone who’s been a student can relate to Pete and Nora’s experience … View More

Where did this website come from?

I have always been passionate for innovative technology, compelling stories, and the importance of great education. Because of this, my experience ranges from films to apps to education. And, I’ve been fortunate enough to win awards and honors in each of these categories. Most people see the world as a bunch of discrete pursuits, but … View More