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Top story of 2016 for Campus Technology

Flattered to have contributed to the top story of 2016 by Campus Technology readers. You can check out the original, 9 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2016 or check out the Top 10 Campus Technology Stories of 2016.

Quoted in Inc. article on digital trends in edTech

Drew Hendricks writes, ” ‘The availability of CBE as a serious form of education has not yet reached the public consciousness,’ said Jonathan Blake Huer, Director of Emerging Technologies, Ball State University. ‘I think in the near future, CBE, blended learning and other forms of education will become a bigger factor in differentiating institutions and … View More

Future Trends Forum: Live from EDUCAUSE

I had the good fortune of joining Bryan Alexander in person on the Future Trends Forum at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. You can catch a recording of the live broadcast below. Special thanks to the great folks at Shindig and EdSurge for all their support!

Ball State Achievements wins internationally at GWC!

The Ball State Achievements app won Best Education Project 2016 at the Gaming World Conference in Madrid, Spain beating out numerous other educational projects from around the world. After a few years of use, Ball State Achievements has shown how to effectively use mobile gamification to increase engagement and retention rates in at-risk students.  

Special Guest on the Future Trends Forum

I was honored to be the special guest on the Future Trends Forum for June 9th, 2016. The Future Trends Forum hosted by Bryan Alexander addresses the most powerful forces of change in academia. Bryan, the founder of the online blog Future Trends in Technology and Education, began this weekly forum to enliven the discussion … View More

Campus Technology: 9 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2016

I was fortunate to be on a panel with Bryan Alexander, Jack Suess, and Michelle R. Weise to discuss the hottest trends in higher ed tech for 2016. You can check out the entire article here:

“Mobile Trends” in Campus Technology

Top Mobile Trends to Watch in 2016 by Toni Fuhrman “Two visionary IT experts discuss the biggest trends in mobile for the coming year, from 3D touch and virtual reality to wearables and the Internet of Things.” Check it out:

Adapting To An Economy In Flux

Gretchen Frazee did a great piece for Indiana Public Media titled, “Adapting to an Economy In Flux.” She interviewed me about the success I had with Digital Corps students finding employment and the lessons included in my app and book, Be Employed When You Graduate. You can listen to it here:

Campus Technology Article!

I’m flattered that Campus Technology decided to write an article about my recent presentation at Campus Tech Forum Long Beach! Check it out here!

Educause Review New Horizons Department Editor

I am honored to be the Educause Review New Horizon’s department editor for 2015. In addition, my first Educause Review article, “Managing Constant Change,” is available in the January/February 2015 edition. Check it out at: or download the PDF here.