Vale Todo (Anything Goes)

Vale Todo (Anything Goes in English) is a digital feature film directed by Roberto Estrella, starring MMA legend Royce Gracie and Carlos Valencia, and released by Maya Entertainment. It is the first MMA movie out of Ecuador. I produced and edited this project. This was a passion project of Roberto and unfortunately ran out of … View More

Alternate Endings

Alternate Endings was a unique project from the beginning. The brainchild of Greg Townsend and Eli Jorne, Alternate Endings is a choose your own adventure movie. I was really lucky that Greg picked me to produce his thesis project. The production went well, the project won some festivals, and the DVD was really an engaging … View More

Assistant to the Producer on Carrier

I was assistant to the producer Mitchell Block on the massive documentary Carrier. I was basically the land jockey responsible for a lot of the paperwork (payroll, insurance, equipment, etc.) and communication for the crew while they were on board the USS Nimitz. I coordinated the arrival of the boat including a helicopter and a … View More

Looking for My Brother

Directed by Nathaniel McCullagh and Co-produced with Adam Lebovitz, Looking for My Brother is the story of Alejandra as she struggles to make sense of a terrorist attack that killed her brother. The project was generously supported by a grant from the Peter Stark Producing program as well as other industry organizations such as Kodak … View More

UCLA Awards

I produced the videos for the UCLA Awards in 2004 and 2005. This was a great experience. Not only did I interview dynamic subjects ranging from faculty and students, to Ron Sugar and Henry Waxman and assemble the video packages for the award show, I directed the live event both years.

John Wooden Interview

In my junior year at UCLA, I got the opportunity to interview legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden for the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame. I wanted to do something distinctly different for the Hall of Fame because most of the videos I had seen had Coach telling the same basketball stories in nearly the … View More

UCLA Hall of Fame

The UCLA Hall of Fame project was the highlight of my undergraduate career. I had made a video making fun of USC as a sophomore that went viral (although that term wasn’t really invented yet-this predates YouTube) and someone at the UCLA Athletic department tracked me down and showed me the newly renovated UCLA Athletics … View More

FAT parody

This was my beginning video class project. It was a pivotal project for me as a storyteller because it was the first time I crafted a story to promote an idea. I knew I wanted to focus on some aspect of the superficial nature of the SoCal lifestyle, but it took me a few drafts … View More