My time with Skoolbo

I realized I’ve been so busy I haven’t posted any of the great photos from my time with Skoolbo! Everywhere from the Philippines to Canada, I had the opportunity to work with an amazing global team of creative, caring, innovative, educators who just want to help young learners learn in fun and effective ways.

Vale Todo (Anything Goes)

Vale Todo (Anything Goes in English) is a digital feature film directed by Roberto Estrella, starring MMA legend Royce Gracie and Carlos Valencia, and released by Maya Entertainment. It is the first MMA movie out of Ecuador. I produced and edited this project. This was a passion project of Roberto and unfortunately ran out of … View More

Alternate Endings

Alternate Endings was a unique project from the beginning. The brainchild of Greg Townsend and Eli Jorne, Alternate Endings is a choose your own adventure movie. I was really lucky that Greg picked me to produce his thesis project. The production went well, the project won some festivals, and the DVD was really an engaging … View More

Assistant to the Producer on Carrier

I was assistant to the producer Mitchell Block on the massive documentary Carrier. I was basically the land jockey responsible for a lot of the paperwork (payroll, insurance, equipment, etc.) and communication for the crew while they were on board the USS Nimitz. I coordinated the arrival of the boat including a helicopter and a … View More

Looking for My Brother

Directed by Nathaniel McCullagh and Co-produced with Adam Lebovitz, Looking for My Brother is the story of Alejandra as she struggles to make sense of a terrorist attack that killed her brother. The project was generously supported by a grant from the Peter Stark Producing program as well as other industry organizations such as Kodak … View More

UCLA Awards

I produced the videos for the UCLA Awards in 2004 and 2005. This was a great experience. Not only did I interview dynamic subjects ranging from faculty and students, to Ron Sugar and Henry Waxman and assemble the video packages for the award show, I directed the live event both years.

John Wooden Interview

In my junior year at UCLA, I got the opportunity to interview legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden for the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame. I wanted to do something distinctly different for the Hall of Fame because most of the videos I had seen had Coach telling the same basketball stories in nearly the … View More

UCLA Hall of Fame

The UCLA Hall of Fame project was the highlight of my undergraduate career. I had made a video making fun of USC as a sophomore that went viral (although that term wasn’t really invented yet-this predates YouTube) and someone at the UCLA Athletic department tracked me down and showed me the newly renovated UCLA Athletics … View More

FAT parody

This was my beginning video class project. It was a pivotal project for me as a storyteller because it was the first time I crafted a story to promote an idea. I knew I wanted to focus on some aspect of the superficial nature of the SoCal lifestyle, but it took me a few drafts … View More