Top story of 2016 for Campus Technology

Flattered to have contributed to the top story of 2016 by Campus Technology readers. You can check out the original, 9 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2016 or check out the Top 10 Campus Technology Stories of 2016.

Quoted in Inc. article on digital trends in edTech

Drew Hendricks writes, ” ‘The availability of CBE as a serious form of education has not yet reached the public consciousness,’ said Jonathan Blake Huer, Director of Emerging Technologies, Ball State University. ‘I think in the near future, CBE, blended learning and other forms of education will become a bigger factor in differentiating institutions and … View More

“Mobile Trends” in Campus Technology

Top Mobile Trends to Watch in 2016 by Toni Fuhrman “Two visionary IT experts discuss the biggest trends in mobile for the coming year, from 3D touch and virtual reality to wearables and the Internet of Things.” Check it out: https://campustechnology.com/articles/2015/11/10/top-mobile-trends-to-watch-in-2016.aspx

Google Glass Indy Star Article

We got a pair of Google Glass for Josh Lowe, a student developer in the Digital Corps to use and get familiar with. Here is an Indy Star article about his experience.

Indy Star iPad Quote

Here’s another quote from me about the iPad when it first came out: In many ways Apple is crowd-sourcing the creativity, saying, ‘Here it is,’ ” said Jonathan Blake Huer, director of emerging technologies at Ball State University and an app developer. “Creative people are just looking at this as a blank slate, saying . … View More

MSNBC iPad quote

I was quoted in several articles when the iPad came out including this one from MSNBC. We’ll see if my quote was accurate in a few years! When I look at the iPad, it’s just a big blank slate that inspires a bunch of ideas. That’s what I think the strength is more than anything. … View More

John Wooden Interview

In my junior year at UCLA, I got the opportunity to interview legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden for the UCLA Athletic Hall of Fame. I wanted to do something distinctly different for the Hall of Fame because most of the videos I had seen had Coach telling the same basketball stories in nearly the … View More