Jul 15, 2016 artifact

BlackBoard World 2016 Presentation

I had the honor of presenting with Michael Berman, Kathy Fernandes, and Jean-Pierre Bayard at BlackBoard World in Las Vegas, NV. The presentation is titled, “Gaining consensus on the future of your LMS: insights and best practices from California State University.” You can watch the presentation here.


How do you balance the needs of a large, diverse body of stakeholders with ensuring the forward momentum of your institution? The California State University system will share insights as to how they engaged diverse voices across 23 campuses during the process of evaluating the future of its LMS. This is a challenge faced by many large institutions–balancing the need to support campus individuality with customization, course migrations, integrations, and mobility, while ensuring system-wide requirements in accessibility, security, and cost are met. CSU will describe the governance structure and communication channels used, technology leveraged, and experts engaged to facilitate an informed and transparent process focused on platforms that support the University’s interconnected future.