Feb 01, 2018 artifact

Contributor to ELI 2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning

I was fortunate to contribute to the ELI "The 2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning" with the opening piece on Academic Transformation. Here it is:

Every major industry has been disrupted, and it’s happening in higher education. Worried about the cost of college? The most reliable scholarship is a job at Starbucks. Need skills? LinkedIn and Lynda.com can provide them and put them on your digital résumé for a monthly fee. Want to work at Google? Try Coursera. Pressure and competition from companies and government create opportunities. Innovation in higher education will take advantage of emerging and existing technology, state and other university systems, and public/private partnerships providing new opportunities to serve a wider range of learners with diverse options. Looking beyond price and prestige, students will decide whether a traditional, online, adaptive, competency based, partial residency, or other program yet to be conceived best meets their needs. Employers, accrediting bodies, and legislatures will also embrace or reject emerging options.