Nov 16, 2014 

EDUD 6322 Artifact 1: Self-Assessment Of Your Past, Present, And Future Leadership Capacity.

The Digital Corps is my primary effort to date to change education. There is a brief video summary here: as well as a much more detailed written summary here:

My primary focus is on digital literacy and media competency. With a device like the iPhone, numerous traditional fields are blurred allowing everyone to communicate with far more than just words. I have created courses, sequences, and will continue to promote interdisciplinary collaboration and education in media communication. Even the design of this website revolves around the fact that I need to "silo" myself into traditional media and other categories when others evaluate my work. For example: education, apps, producer and editor are all different views and perspectives on my own work.

While multicultural competencies traditionally refers to national or ethnic boundaries, I have tried to bridge those barriers and more including economic challenges and the digital divide. I hope to continue to use a variety of media, technology, and pedagogue to bring together various groups through mutual learning and understanding.