Aug 11, 2005 artifact

Looking for My Brother

Directed by Nathaniel McCullagh and Co-produced with Adam Lebovitz, Looking for My Brother is the story of Alejandra as she struggles to make sense of a terrorist attack that killed her brother. The project was generously supported by a grant from the Peter Stark Producing program as well as other industry organizations such as Kodak and Panavision. The project was shot by Nelson Cragg on 35mm and mentored by Gareth Wigan.

I learned quickly that finishing a 35mm film on film is an extraordinary challenge. Adam and I shared producing duties during extensive re-writes, budgeting and scheduling the tight 6 day shooting schedule, and getting a stellar cast. We were both on set everyday throughout production dealing with a wide variety of logistical and other challenges. I took over most of the post process and learned a lot as I ushered the project through the many steps required to finish a 35mm print. There is even a three layer optical dissolve in there!

Official Website: Looking for My Brother. IMDB.