Jan 02, 2015 artifact

The Nebraska Project

I am fortunate to serve as a technical advisor to The Nebraska Project. Every time I get a call from Bill (Frakes), I know I've got to be ready for anything. It is always some venture that pushes the boundaries of creativity and technology in innovative ways. His vision and passion is infectious. He often asks hypothetical questions that I know are not really hypothetical, but more a challenge to my own creativity and technological acumen. It's a constant, "I bet you can't..." and I take the bait every time. I view it as if he's still the quarterback: I don't want to drop the ball if he passes it in my direction so he'll trust me to throw it my way again.

The Nebraska Project is extraordinary. Hats off to Bill, Laura, my students who worked on it, and the rest of the Straw Hat team for bringing this bold vision to life.

Here's a brief review from the Washington Post. But in my opinion, go directly to the source and spend some time on The Nebraska Project.