Jan 01, 2019 artifact

Training the workforce of the future

Valerie Bauman quoted me in her terrific article "Training the workforce of the future: Education in America will need to adapt to prepare students for the next generation of jobs - including 'data trash engineer' and 'head of machine personality design'" She writes:

In the future, different academic departments will have to integrate to allow for new degrees that span multiple disciplines, Huer said.

For example, someone who wants to focus on becoming a game designer would need skills that historically have been divided between art and graphics, computer science, and engineering departments. Skills like story telling (creative writing and literature departments) will also be relevant.

'Schools are either going to have to change their administrative structures to adapt to what the market wants, what students want and what technology allows – or they're going to go out of business,' Huer said.

He acknowledged that elite Ivy League universities are not at risk – but the U.S. is home to more than 4,000 colleges, and most students in America don't attend name-brand universities. Those state and private schools are under more pressure to adapt.

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