Mar 02, 2010 artifact

Vale Todo (Anything Goes)

Vale Todo (Anything Goes in English) is a digital feature film directed by Roberto Estrella, starring MMA legend Royce Gracie and Carlos Valencia, and released by Maya Entertainment. It is the first MMA movie out of Ecuador. I produced and edited this project. This was a passion project of Roberto and unfortunately ran out of funding before it could be completed. I came on board after most of principle photography had be completed, closed the distribution deal, and worked closely with Maya and Roberto to re-craft the story to make it suitable for distribution.

Once we had worked out the story elements that needed to be refined, the project was filled with numerous other challenges including varied and untagged frame rates and a character who spoke Portuguese mixed in with the Spanish and English of the other characters. In the end, the project came out well considering the obstacles Roberto overcame to bring his dream to the screen.

Vale Todo (IMDB) was named one of the top 30 Spanish language films by Hulu. You can purchase a copy on Amazon.