My creative output and other tangible things

Contributor to ELI 2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning

I was fortunate to contribute to the ELI “The 2018 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning” with the opening piece on Academic Transformation. Here it is: Every major industry has been disrupted, and it’s happening in higher education. Worried about the cost of college? The most reliable scholarship is a job at Starbucks. Need skills? … View More

AEL North American Summit 2017

I had the opportunity to present at the Adobe Education Leader North American Summit at Adobe Headquarters this summer. My brief presentation, “Stop fighting for a slice. Grow the pie.” ties together several key themes I’ve been thinking about as I work on my dissertation. Perhaps more importantly, I got to chat with my diverse … View More

Top story of 2016 for Campus Technology

Flattered to have contributed to the top story of 2016 by Campus Technology readers. You can check out the original, 9 Ed Tech Trends to Watch in 2016 or check out the Top 10 Campus Technology Stories of 2016.

Quoted in Inc. article on digital trends in edTech

Drew Hendricks writes, ” ‘The availability of CBE as a serious form of education has not yet reached the public consciousness,’ said Jonathan Blake Huer, Director of Emerging Technologies, Ball State University. ‘I think in the near future, CBE, blended learning and other forms of education will become a bigger factor in differentiating institutions and … View More

Future Trends Forum: Live from EDUCAUSE

I had the good fortune of joining Bryan Alexander in person on the Future Trends Forum at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference. You can catch a recording of the live broadcast below. Special thanks to the great folks at Shindig and EdSurge for all their support!

Educause Annual Conference 2016

At the Educause Annual Conference in Anaheim, I was fortunate to be on a panel with Dr. Gerard Puccio, Chair and Professor at SUNY Buffalo State, and Tacy Trowbridge of Adobe titled, “What Do Today’s Students Really Need to Succeed in the Future?” as well as present a solo seminar, “Save Time and Resources: Using … View More

Ball State Achievements wins internationally at GWC!

The Ball State Achievements app won Best Education Project 2016 at the Gaming World Conference in Madrid, Spain beating out numerous other educational projects from around the world. After a few years of use, Ball State Achievements has shown how to effectively use mobile gamification to increase engagement and retention rates in at-risk students.  

Educause Seminar October 25th!

Coming to Educause in Anaheim? I will be leading a pre-conference seminar titled SEM01P-Save Time and Resources: Using Disruptive Technologies in Higher Education, at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, October 25-28 in Anaheim, California on Tuesday, October 25, 2016 at 12:30PM. Here is the session abstract: The creative economy. The sharing economy. Makerspaces. Digital distribution. The … View More

Worldwide ADE Institute 2016

I have decided that my next book will be titled, “Producing for Educators.” I took the first step by doing a poster presentation at the Worldwide Apple Distinguished Educator Institute 2016 in Berlin, Germany. As usual, I was in awe of my ADE colleagues and honored to be invited to attend the event. Their innovative … View More

BlackBoard World 2016 Presentation

I had the honor of presenting with Michael Berman, Kathy Fernandes, and Jean-Pierre Bayard at BlackBoard World in Las Vegas, NV. The presentation is titled, “Gaining consensus on the future of your LMS: insights and best practices from California State University.” You can watch the presentation here. Abstract: How do you balance the needs of … View More