2015 Campus Tech Forum in Long Beach

I was honored to present twice at the 2015 Campus Tech Forum in Long Beach. It was an honor to be around such inspiring thought leaders like William Rankin and Perry Samson. I gave my presentation titled Book to App: Overcoming the Challenges of Disrupting Yourself. I also got to present Engagement and Retention Through Mobile Gamification … View More

2 Breakout sessions accepted to 2015 Campus Tech Forum Long Beach

I am proud to have 2 breakout sessions accepted for the upcoming Campus Tech Forum in Long Beach: Engagement and Retention Through Mobile Gamification (co-presenting with Scott Reinke). Book to App: Overcoming the Challenges of Disrupting Yourself. The Campus Technology Forum Long Beach 2015 is April 8-9, 2015.

2013 Governmental Affairs Society of Indiana Conference

I was very proud to show off our great app at the Governmental Affairs Society of Indiana (GASI) conference. We got a lot of great feedback and look forward to getting this app out the door!

Google Glass Indy Star Article

We got a pair of Google Glass for Josh Lowe, a student developer in the Digital Corps to use and get familiar with. Here is an Indy Star article about his experience.

WIBC 93.1 FM iOS7 Interview

Shortly after the keynote at WWDC 2013, I did an interview with Ray Steele of WIBC 93.1FM, Indy’s News Center about iOS7. You can listen to the full interview here.

Figure It iOS app

Figure It is an app I designed for competitive figure skaters to track their program practices under the complicated ISU Judging System to maximize their final point value. Adrian Hosey did all the code development and my long time friend Garrett Lucash served as my beta tester. It is the first app designed for competitive … View More

Indy Star iPad Quote

Here’s another quote from me about the iPad when it first came out: In many ways Apple is crowd-sourcing the creativity, saying, ‘Here it is,’ ” said Jonathan Blake Huer, director of emerging technologies at Ball State University and an app developer. “Creative people are just looking at this as a blank slate, saying . … View More

MSNBC iPad quote

I was quoted in several articles when the iPad came out including this one from MSNBC. We’ll see if my quote was accurate in a few years! When I look at the iPad, it’s just a big blank slate that inspires a bunch of ideas. That’s what I think the strength is more than anything. … View More

Alternate Endings

Alternate Endings was a unique project from the beginning. The brainchild of Greg Townsend and Eli Jorne, Alternate Endings is a choose your own adventure movie. I was really lucky that Greg picked me to produce his thesis project. The production went well, the project won some festivals, and the DVD was really an engaging … View More