Aug 22, 2013 musing

Where did this website come from?

I have always been passionate for innovative technology, compelling stories, and the importance of great education. Because of this, my experience ranges from films to apps to education. And, I've been fortunate enough to win awards and honors in each of these categories. Most people see the world as a bunch of discrete pursuits, but I see everything as interconnected. My ultimate goal is to match the right technology with the right purpose whether it be to tell a story or teach a concept. Matching different things from various fields and crafting them from an idea into a unique finished product is where I excel.

When it came time to put together this website, I wanted something that would illustrate the diverse person I am. But also serve a practical purpose and let me direct people who might want to hire me for a project to a succinct link. The entire website is designed around this premise. You can browse around and look at my resume or some of the elaborations in the artifacts. But if you want to hire me as an editor, I can direct you right here: Clicking on any of the tags will bring up the artifacts that relate just to that topic. My other favorite feature of the site is a printer friendly résumé (I guess in reality a CV) so I don't have to maintain a PDF version anymore.

I have much work to do here still. This site will be a work in progress forever reflecting the fact "life is a journey, not a destination." I want to thank Brandon Stephens for his amazing work. Not only is he a great designer taking some of my abstract concepts and working with me to give them shape, but a talented developer and patient friend. I look forward to the few more features we have to roll out.

All comments and critiques are welcome. I look forward to sharing my many thoughts and observations here in the future.